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      Automatic spraying machine_linear

      Time:2019/11/22 11:09:49 Click to rate:2691

      Product name: Automatic spraying machine_linear

      Model: RH1703

      It is mainly suitable for wood line and corner line spraying.

      Technical parameters:


      Appearance size: 3500 * 2150 *2450mmmechanical weight:850kg


      Processing width: 70-350mmprocessing thickness: 5-60mm


      Minimum length:350mmmaximum linear speed:35m/ min


      Working gun spray: 4-6 guns caliber: 1.0 / 1.3


      Rated air pressure: 0.6MPa air flow 2000 / min


      Applicable paint: UV, NC, PE, PU ,Water base by auto spraying


      Power specification: AC380V /50Hz,AC220V / 60Hz,AC440V /60Hz


      Maximum power: 3kw


      Product configuration features:


      1. European mainstream brand controller, touch screen human-machine interface, powerful automation application function and reliable control system.


      2. After adjusting the position parameters of spray gun and equipment spray gun, the light induction identification system can automatically identify the length of workpiece, automatically generate the spraying starting position, and save a lot of paint.


      3. The fool function is equipped with one key movement function as standard. The same type of workpiece realizes one key operation function. It can operate and supervise multiple machines by one person, saving labor and reducing the requirements of the machine for operators.


      4. The networking function and the configuration of networking interface can realize the networking of lines with other machines, and can be combined into an efficient manual and automatic spraying line.


      5. Mature structure and transmission technology of European paint spraying machine, beautiful appearance, strong and durable steel structure protection system.


      6. The products are of high-end domestic quality, and the electronic control parts are all European mainstream and well-known high-quality brands.


      7. The automatic spray gun and diaphragm pump are original optional, imported fromJapanor mainstream brands inTaiwan.


      8. Standard paint mist purification system, paint recovery system, lifelong support for filter accessories.

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